The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery

......Francis Bacon

Friday, May 6, 2011

Creating Happens.....New Studio Space

I am almost finished setting up my new studio space. It's a smaller area but until the big move to Texas, it will work just fine. I never realized just how much artistic supplies I had till I had to go through them!

  But before I show a pic of the new space, here are some new paintings in the works. The first one, is another one of my crows or ravens in progress. After having shipped my Raven Tryptich to Tennessee, I really missed it so I created another smaller similar piece. Yes.......I do miss my paintings when I sell them.

This is a 10X10 mixed media on canvas.

And here is a new painting just started this morning. I haven't painted koi in awhile so I thought it might be time for a new one. So far I am sketching in the rocks. Sometimes I will complete an entire sketch, fully detailed onto the canvas before adding color. Other times, I just take the paint to the canvas with NO preliminary sketch work at all. Depends on my mood and the subject I am trying to capture.

16X20 Intial Sketch in Progress

And now, a couple pics of my new space. I am not finished putting it all together but this is what I have done so far....................

We still have to put in carpeting and the walls have to remain white so we can put it up on the market, (I do love color though on my walls). You can see my Zafu and my Zabutan (meditation cushions)  on the floor in front of the alter where I do my meditation. The small Buddha on the table in the corner is a fountain. I love the sound of water!

And here is my drafting table. I purposely want it out and away from the wall so it doesn't leave any marks. It is pretty much in the center of the room. I use my small desk top easel on the drafting table. My very big studio easel is off to the left. As you can see, the window sill is missing. You can see it leaning against the wall in the corner behind my table. I;m still trying to get my son to install it.

It has a great view of my front yard and lots of light so that is a big plus, even though I did sacrifice a lot of space. Thats it for now, back to work for me!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Student Work

This is a beautiful, large painting that a student of mine is diligently working on. Cheryl has been creating great pieces of art in my studio for over a year now. This painting is her first large one measuring 24 1/2 X 30. In the past, she has worked on much smaller canvases......

Cheryl is a great student and a very talented one. On top of painting, she also plays the piano and writes children's musicals.

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