The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery

......Francis Bacon

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Garden In The Sun

Quite a few years ago, when my kids were little, I had a beautiful backyard garden. I can still picture it and I miss it so much so I decided to start another, right here and now in my smaller, urban backyard. We are also in the process of getting ready to put our house on the market. Texas is our destination. My daughter, son-in-law and grandson are there and that's where we want to be too.

  So I decided to use containers to plant some of my veggies in. I have also been planting in my front yard. I have watermelon, zucchini and bush beans growing strong out there now. I would LOVE to get rid of my water guzzling front lawn as well and just grow food but listing the house prevents me from doing that right now.

 And whats really cool about my backyard garden is that I have my mini studio out there as well, smack dab in the middle. So while I am creating my art, I am surrounded by glorious plantings of wonderful, organic vegetables and flowers, all grown from seed by me. No poisonous insecticides and no GMO's (genetically modified organisms) are used here.

  Here are a few great reasons to grow your own organic food year round...........taken from a great website, One Green Generation, check it out! The link is on my sidebar.

Ten Reasons To Grow A Four-Season Organic Garden

  1. Growing your own food reduces the distance your food travels from the farm to you (10 feet, say, versus 250-2,500 miles). That means you’re eliminating the petroleum products used in farming equipment, fertilizers, pesticides, packaging, storage, and transportation.
  2. By reducing the distance your food travels from the farm to you, you also reduce your overall carbon output, taking a bite out of your impact on climate change.
  3. In the winter when most farmer’s markets close up shop, you’ll still have fresh, tasty produce.
  4. When you grow your own food, you also know where your food is coming from (no weird salmonella strains in your tomatoes and spinach, for instance).
  5. Home grown food tastes many times better and has more vitamins and minerals than vegetables raised in a monocultural setting.
  6. You can choose to grow various heirloom crops that you just can’t buy in a grocery store.
  7. You can choose to grow crops that aren’t genetically modified.
  8. You can save seed and create different varieties that are best suited for your little backyard microclimate.
  9. Knowing how to grow your own food makes you much more adaptable to whatever economic or environmental hardship that comes your way in the future.
  10. And lastly, it’s fun, it tastes better, and gardening nourishes your soul.

So get out there and get growing. It's creative, it's good for the earth and it's good for you!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Backyard Art In The Early Summer

Over this past Memorial holiday, I decided it was high time I set up my outdoor studio space. Just a small area where I can create some pastel works. I like to work outside when I create with pastels as the dust can be very messy.

  Using a small table and a beach umbrella, I now have a beautiful area to work in. The weather is great right now and the backyard is alive with a myriad of colorful blooming foliage. I used what I had on hand around the house so this area cost me zero $ to get up and running!  I LOVE it!

  Just look at all the color surrounding me.................... 


Morning Glory

Kalanchoe and Allysum

My birdfeeder, although, Skeezer, my little squirrel friend is the one who steals all the seed.

It is a very inspiring place to create art. I have just started working on this new pastel. I am almost finished getting it blocked in...........

16X20 on Ampersand Pastel Board

And another couple shots of my outside area.............

Above is how I store my soft pastels. Works perfect for me! Well thats it for now. Enjoy the photos and I will be back with more work soon.