The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery

......Francis Bacon

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Joy Of Being A Koi

Good morning and happy hump day!

I had a very productive evening last night I'm happy to say, I managed to finish two paintings and start another. I took a small break in between, watching a little tv and then it was back to the studio.

I like how my painting "Joy Koi" turned out. I can let you all in on a little story about how I was inspired to paint this one.

I am an animal lover. Always have been as far back as I can remember. I really think I would own a zoo if I could!

Our local mall, here in my town, has a koi pond at one end. I thought, what a great photo op so, grabbing my camera, I decide to go take some photos of the beautiful pond and it's inhabitants.

I must have been taking pictures for an hour........sitting on the side of that pond, really close to the edge, kinda dangerously close to the edge. All of a sudden, this one, huge, and I mean huge! beautiful koi starts leaping out of the water right in front of me. He's leaping just like a dolphin would, with his whole body out of 
the water. 

I had never seen a koi act like this before. He leaped all the way from one end of the pond to the other, one leap after another. Now of course, I am so enthralled watching this animal that I have stopped taking photos so I never got any shots of this taking place.

This Koi was genuinely joyful! Something in him made him so happy he couldn't contain himself. It was beautiful to watch and really inspiring to see that creature so full of happiness. I couldn't wait to get that feeling onto canvas.

I created this painting with very vibrant shades of orange and reds, depicting this animals spirit in vibrant shades of color. To purchase this painting or to see more of my work, visit my website/portfolio at



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