The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery

......Francis Bacon

Monday, February 14, 2011

Buddha In Progression

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers out there!  Iv'e been working on this new Buddha, the fourth painting in my "Enlightened Buddha" series. I'm actually trying to pull back into a consistent color palette. 

  I love my vivid jewel tone palette with lots of the quinacridone colors. But I also have a second color palette that I adore too, consisting mainly of blue shades. For now, I am going to stick to the quin palette and see what happens. Here is the progression of this work.......... 

Initial Sketch done in charcoal direct onto the canvas and fixed with fixative.

The.......Starting to lay in color. Just basing in.

As I am laying in more color. I am also paying attention to where I will place shadows and in what direction the light is coming from. You can see in this photo how I am applying that.

The color is spectacular on this painting. I am using Quinacridone Crimson for Buddha. Not a usual color for Buddha but then,  I don't usually use quote "Normal" colors unquote.Hopefully, I will be finishing this painting up today. I have other canvasses prepped and ready to go with sketches already on them. I will post those up here later as well. Thanks for visiting!

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