The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery

......Francis Bacon

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beautiful Treasures

 Happy hump day! My good friend Linda and I went antiquing yesterday. It is so much fun to slowly wander through these beautiful shops and daydream about who owned these objects and what their lives were all about. I can spend an entire day there. I love the feel, the smell, it is just so lovely and warm. It's like being on a wonderful treasure hunt.

 And of course, I saw many things that had once filled my childhood home. I suppose that tells everyone how old I am! Yes, you could say I'm "vintage" but I'm not an antique.... not yet anyway.

  I saw so many things that I wanted and the shop keep was very gracious enough to allow me to take photos of the unique vignettes that she so painstakingly set up. Some of the items were not actually vintage nor antique but crafty little creations of some of Simi Valley's local artists. So I thought I would share some of these beautiful treasures with you!

 I could have just curled up and napped on this beauty! This is the first thing that caught the eye as we walked into the shop. So inviting!

  As you can see, some items are not actually antique. But all of these finds would fit in nicely with any vintage or shabby chic interior. Can you spot the little handmade angel?

  I fell in love with this refurbished antique dresser and I also love the wrought iron window grates too.

  And just for some fun......wouldn't this carousel horse look darling in a childs room. Or, even in my art studio! If you look closely, you can even catch a glimpse of my very talented artist friend Linda. Hi Linda!

  We had so much fun and came home with only some vintage wood thread spools, although I could have bought out the entire place.  We are going to do something artsy with those spools so stay tuned. Anyway, that was my Tuesday adventure. Thanks for coming along.

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