The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery

......Francis Bacon

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back To The Art Of Painting

    Having taken the last few days off and away from my studio, it sure feels good to back to it!

  I do think everyone needs a break from their work, no matter what their work may be, even creating. As much as I love my work, I need to nurture myself too, a little R&R.

  Having a break allows me to to open my mind up to new works and new techniques. I come back to my studio refreshed and ready to go, my head filled with new visions of whats to be.

  I finished this painting yesterday. I love the flow and the colors. She lets everything escape her head. All her thoughts and insights pouring out into the world, filling the world with promise and hope and good thoughts.

Acrylic, Mixed Media
Giclee's Available

So...Go ahead and give yourself a little break. Everything will be waiting for you when you return.


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