The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery

......Francis Bacon

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekly Intentions Monday

  I know I haven't posted my weekly intentions for a couple of weeks now. It seems like other things just keep popping up in my mind. Other things that I want to post so I just put them on hold for a bit.

  This week is a busy one. I have the vendor show and setup on Thursday and the art show itself on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Right now, that is my main focus for the week.  I still need to finish up some artwork and get everything tagged before Thursday. I'm really excited about the show and I hope to have a lot of success with my art.

  So, that has me hopping around the studio like nuts and we are also putting some finishing touches up on our bathroom re model. Today the baseboards go in. I chose a really pale, minty blue color for the walls and it is so pretty. Very calm and soothing color for a bathroom.

  My studio purge and cleanup continues as well and I am happy to say that I have made great progress in that department already! I still have to go through all my lampwork glass and get that all packed up, that is going to be the worst chore, but soon I will be done and have a great little space to work from until our move. Here is a photo of one section of my studio..............

  And.....I decided that I didn't like my new hair color after all. It seemed to kinda go "rogue" on me and turned a bit orangey. Last night I toned it down with a really nice golden cappucino color and it's much better now. It's really dark though and I scare myself a little looking in the mirror in the mornings, after all, I am a natural blonde so this is very extreme for me. I guess it may be awhile before I get used to it. Today my daughter is going to add some light streaks to it. Just around my face to lighten it up a bit. If I get brave enough, I may even post a pic of it after she puts those in. Here's a peek...............

  Right now, I think that is all I'm going to focus on for this week. That should keep me busy! Have a great week everyone!

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