The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery

......Francis Bacon

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Daily Drawing No. 7

 I haven't been posting all of my daily December drawings, shame on me. I HAVE been doing them though, no, really, I have, I just get so busy sometimes that I don't get them posted. Here is Day No. 7....

"My Morning Coffee Mug"

  What I did here was I timed myself only 3 minutes and I didn't remove my pencil from the paper. I also tried not to look at the paper but keep my eyes on the mug. I have to admit, I peeked a couple times! This is a fun exercise to try, and a good way to practice shape and form.  And I have a witness!.............

  Sadie kept an eye on me to make sure I was doing this right. See how intense she is.  Of course, she had to dress up for the camera in her holiday best! I will try to get all my daily drawings up eventually. In the meantime, have a great and artistic day!


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