The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery

......Francis Bacon

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Gift Of REAL art

 Sitting here, sipping my morning coffee and listening to the thunder rolling in. It has been wet, foggy and cold here for a week and "they" say it will continue through the end of the week. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the cool, tapping of the rain on the roof but, I have paintings to finish that need to dry and a hedge that needs to be cut down outside.

  In the meantime, I have kept busy creating a painting for my daughter and her hubby that they wanted so badly. They had seen a painting similar in one of the chain stores. It is a bare tree painting. Just a silhouette of a tree with a colorful background.

  I have seen a lot of these tree paintings around, all with subtle, little variations to them, and my daughter really wanted one. She chose one that had a price tag of $50.00 and was just a print on paper with a simple plastic frame around it. Now I DO NOT CONDONE copying other artists work. As artists, we work really hard and put a lot of time, effort and heart into our paintings. But I did tell my daughter that I would paint one of these trees for her as a gift. I just couldn't see her paying all that money that they need so much for their move to Texas, on a fake piece of commercial art.

  You see, they have just acquired their very first apartment ever that they don't have to share with room mates. A really nice one bedroom in Texas with plenty of space for my grandson to play in. They want to decorate it with art.

 Just look at those beautiful floors!

So, I finished up this painting for them yesterday. They haven't seen it yet but I am sure they will like it. I gave it a great textured background as the one they had seen had just a flat one-shade background. I adore lots of texture in my paintings. I also created this painting as a tryptich, (a three canvas painting).

I have my grandson here with me for only two more days so I am making the most of it. We are playing and spending some quality time together as I won't see him again for awhile. Thank heavens for Skype!

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