The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery

......Francis Bacon

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekly Intentions Monday Once More

Happy Monday..........Yes, Happy Monday!.......I know it's the start of another long week, with deadlines and "have--to's" but I am really starting to look forward to Mondays.

  I now look at Monday as a new start. A new week to make into anything I want it to be. It may sound silly but I am welcoming new weekly challenges. I did accomplish most of what I wanted to do last week and now I have a whole new list of  things for this week.

  Of course, there are paintings waiting in the wings to be started. These are paintings that have been floating around in my head for awhile now and I just have to get them onto canvas. I also have an online class that starts today and I  am sooo excited about it. You can check it out here. Wyanne Thompson is an incredibly talented artist. I love her use of vibrant, rich color and the emotions that come across in her work. As artists, we all have so much to learn and share with each other.

  I also have more to do around my studio this week such as, more "letting go" of stuff. I am trying to simplify as much as I can. I think it will make my life so much easier to gain some space in my home and studio.

  I also made these...........

  I LOVE how they turned out and they were so easy and quick. Just grab some inexpensive clay pots from your local gardening center. With paint and some decorative papers, you can whip these little pots up in no time! I bought a beautiful little Ficus tree for mine and I still need to find more tenants for the other two. I also added a pair of handmade vintage Swarovski crystal earrings to one small pot, to dangle over the side and a handmade beaded stickpin to the larger pot. These little pots make me smile and will fit right in the scheme of my new home redo. Kind of a Bohemian, vintagy, cottage look. I really don't know what to call "my style", it's really a combination of many styles and it is so me!

  Well I had better get crackin if I want to get all this done. have a great and creative day!

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